“A code of Ethics underpins the values of any business. Without it, a corporation will have no moral compass.”The Board of Directors of the company places strong focus on corporate governance. The Board of Directors has approved a set of guidelines to promote effective functioning of the Board and its committees and to set forth a common set of expectations as to how the Board should manage its affairs and perform its responsibilities. Etimaad has also adopted a code of business conduct and ethics that is applicable to all directors, officers and employees of Etimaad.

Like citizens in the classical sense, Etimaad employees search for ways to align self interest with the larger good of society. Etimaad, play a leadership role in social problem-solving by funding initiatives that incorporate the best thinking of its employees, customers and suppliers. Etimaad team believes competing on price and corporate citizenship is smarter that competing on price alone.

With a vision to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based corporation in the world, Etimaad is striving to achieve sustainable economic growth and greater social cohesion. The Company support innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered teams to constantly create value in attaining global benchmarks. Company fosters a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees, stakeholders and society.

Etimaad team is committed to work with all of its stakeholders, building and maintaining relationships of mutual respect and trust. Etimaad believes that earning the trust of these stakeholders through fulfillment of responsibilities, as a good corporate citizen is a key element of enhancing management quality and corporate value. At Etimaad, we aim to contribute in improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families and the communities in the area of our operations.

Etimaad’s slogan is “no harm to people, environment, assets and community for a happy tomorrow” and evolves us into a corporation that exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders, including the expectation of sustainable business development.

Values and governing principles

  • Compliance to our values
  • Sustainable business
  • Environment
  • Corporate governance
  • Promoting multicultural workforce
  • Protecting human rights
  • Honesty and integrity


Coming from a rich heritage in building an institution from its very humble beginning to maturity, each member of senior management of Etimaad brings decades of professional experience and knowledge of project management in the engineering and contracting business.

In addition to the three principal shareholders, each one of Etimaad’s top management is a shareholder in the Company and is represented on the Etimaad Board of Directors. This concept of blending of professional excellence with entrepreneurial stakes has a very powerful impact in ensuring business success.

Learning from experience, Etimaad Management firmly believes that client satisfaction is indeed the single most important factor for business success.  As professional owners, Etimaad Management has “double the stakes” in ensuring success, a win-win approach towards genuine and enduring success.


  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Respect and dignity
  • Prosperity for all stakeholders including employees


To be recognized as a reliable source for ensuring business success in delivering world class engineered products, services and turn-key solutions at the most competitive price with best quality and high reliability.


To become an exemplary engineering, contracting and manufacturing company known for its project management skills, integrity and unflinching commitment of its management towards customers and other business associates, providing value to its stakeholders.


We are pleased to advice that Etimaad Engineering is executing work to our satisfaction. We expect that they will continue to perform in an excellent manner on this project.

Zulqarnain Mustufa

Project Manager

Attock Gen Limited for Wartsila
The Etimaad team demonstrated a great sense of commitment and consistency in the project management capability , upholding strict quality and safety measures that helped us achieve the completion of our project within a record time of six months. PPR congratulates Etimaad for its contribution and successful completion of design review on this project of national significance.

Razi Ahmed

Director (Project Development)

Bhikhi Power Plant for Pakistan Power Resources, LLC
This is to certify that M/S Etimaad have successfully completed the job of "E-207, New Coil Installation & E-205 B/C, Coil Replacement." They have performed the job of good quality, timely, safely and according to the specifications provided to them. We wish to express our gratification for their efforts to complete the job within the specified duration and services rendered to our company..

Syed Masroor Ali

Maintenance Manager (Mechanical)

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited
We really appreciate the response and services provided by M/S Etimaad for fixing the Super heater tubes leakages on our HRSG#4 during its forced shut down from 1st to 4th of November-08. We understand the special welding procedure requirement for the T91 material and the difficult location of the defective tubes made the tube welding a difficult task. However, the expertise available with M/S Etimaad Qatar, LLC helped to pass the welding in one go which in turn led to minimize the shut down on our HRSG#4. We are looking forward to the same sort of services in future from Etimaad Engineering helping us to enhance reliability of our plant.

Maqsood Ahmad

Maintenance Manager (Mechanical)

Fixing The Tube Leakages on Heat Recovery Steam Generator for AES Ras Laffan Operating Company (WL.L.), Qatar